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EVERYONE KNOWS THAT in Seattle, it’s all about the neighborhoods. And what’s the best way to get to know our ‘hoods by heart? Why, by drinking your way through them of course. Seattle Met’s two intrepid imbibers stumbled through Seattle’s sudsiest neighborhoods to create these ambitious bar crawls. Pick out your favorites or check off every spot on the tour—just remember to sip slowly and wear sturdy shoes. It’s going to be a long night.

 Queen Anne • Ballard • Fremont and Wallingford • Phinney Ridge • Bellevue • Capitol Hill • Belltown • Downtown • First Hill

This article appeared in the March 2011 issue of Seattle Met Magazine.

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Neighborhood Bar Crawls: Ballard

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Neighborhood Bar Crawls: Bellevue

Drink your way through Bellevue’s best bars.

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Neighborhood Bar Crawls: Belltown

Spur, Virginia Inn, Bathtub Gin—just a few Belltown bars worth a swig.

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Drink your way through Queen Anne bars, starting at the aptly named Hilltop Ale House and finishing with a ten-ounce Tini Bigs cocktail.

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Neighborhood Bar Crawls: Fremont and Wallingford

Fremont and Wallingford are home to bar charmers like 35th Street Bistro, Quoin, Brouwer’s, and The Pacific Inn Pub.

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Neighborhood Bar Crawls: Phinney Ridge

When in Phinney Ridge, drink as Phinney Ridgers do: at Oliver’s Twist, The Park Pub, 74th Street Ale House, Prost Tavern, Sully’s Snowgoose Saloon, and In the Red Wine Bar and Café.

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Neighborhood Bar Crawls: Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill lays claim to Sun Liquor, Liberty, Linda’s, and other notable Seattle bars.

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Neighborhood Bar Crawls: First Hill

The Hideout, The Hunt Club, Vito’s, and Rview top our First Hill tippling spots.