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Getaways, adventures, and excursions to get you through the whole year. Plus: A people’s quest to save Lushootseed, the original language of Puget Sound; and Yoga for Life: Seattle is obsessed with the health and wellness benefits of yoga, so we visited yoga studios and clinics all over town to find out why, and help you find the program that fits you best.

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52 Weekends

Getaways, adventures, and road trips for every weekend of the year.

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The Language of the Land

A people’s quest to save Lushootseed, the original language of Puget Sound.

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Yoga for Life

Seattle is obsessed with the health and wellness benefits of yoga, so we visited yoga studios and clinics all over town to find out why.

Bend It Like Buddha

A guide to Seattle’s top yoga studios.

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Naked Hunch

Curt Lew, whose Bellevue-based Emit Technologies makes security equipment, says he and his team have built a less intrusive full-body scanner: the People Portal II.

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Knight Writer

Best-selling novelist Neal Stephenson collaborates in an online-only project (The Mongoliad) about invading Mongolian hordes. And he’s pretty good at swordplay, too.

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Street Scene

Le 21ème Arrondissement blogger Adam Katz Sinding gives a tutorial on how he found his personal style statements.

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No Space to Waste

For airplane interior engineer Steve Sauer, 182 square feet is big enough by far.

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Lice and Easy

We’ve got head lice! Now what?

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Seattle Modern Orchestra demystifies modern chamber music.

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Trolley Folly

If Metro scraps the clean, quiet trolleys Seattle loves, they may not save as much money as they hope.

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Bring It?

The A.W.A.R.D. Show dance contest at On the Boards pits 12 top Northwest choreographers against each other for the chance to win $10,000 and major bragging rights.

A Note from the Editor

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Secrets Forged in Steel

The Seattle Monolith—and its theft—is still a mystery, 10 years later.

The Perfect Party

This month’s party guests: Sarah White, Phoenix Jones, Yellow Pages, John Henry Browne, Felix Hernandez, and Sarah Sense-Wilson.

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Miles to Go

Belltown resident Michael Komarnitsky founds gomiles.com, a dashboard that tracks your miles, corrals deals, and helps you decide whether and when to redeem your points.

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Palm Pielets

Individually sized “hand” pies are suddenly showing up in bakeries all over Seattle. Piper Davis of Grand Central Bakery shares a recipe for roast beef and mashed potato hand pies.

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Gliese Club

The hot topic of this year’s American Astronomical Society conference: Gliese 581g, a recently discovered, potentially life-­sustaining planet. Skeptics, including University of Washington astronomer Eric Agol, are rearing for fierce planetary debat

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Who Nuked My Cheese?

In November, workers at the decommissioned Hanford plutonium production site discovered mouse droppings that made their Geiger counters hiss like cats. Now the Hanforders are on the hunt for the radioactive mouse.

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Seattle Bookshelf

David Volk navigates the Cheap Bastard’s Guide to Seattle, and Eddie Vedder pens the intro to From a Basement in Seattle: The Poster Art of Brad Klausen.

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Fly Guy

From a monologue of Drew Barth, Bellevue resident and finalist in the 31st Seattle International Comedy Competition

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Greatness Visible

Queen Anne restaurant The Book Bindery soars with meat, potatoes, and je ne sais quoi.

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Joints: Travelers Tea Bar and Cafe

Seattle has lousy Indian food, right? Duck into Travelers Tea Bar and Cafe on Capitol Hill and watch that conventional wisdom go mano a mano with fragrant lentil soups; pan-fried, paneer-stuffed paratha flat breads, and some of the most interesting vegeta

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Happy Hour with Benefits

Overindulged last month? Shocking. You don’t have to give up all your sin to put a little penance into January; just check out a few of the healthier happy hours at Carmelita, Elliott’s Oyster House, La Carta de Oaxaca, Liberty, and Poppy.

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The Year of Constabulary Beating

Seattle police violence by the numbers.

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Buy Now, Move In Later

Got some extra cash? It’s never too early to snag your postretirement home and rent it out in the meantime. 

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What You Can 
Get For…$525,000

As of October, the average sale price of a single-family home on the Eastside was $523,000. Here’s a snapshot of what was available near that price point in late November.

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Hall of Lame

A look at the Mariner’s best Baseball Hall of Fame hopefuls for the next five years in comparison to the competition.

Rough Puff Pastry

Recipe courtesy Piper Davis, Grand Central Bakery.

Sauteed Greens and Caramelized Onion Hand Pies

Recipe courtesy Piper Davis, Grand Central Bakery

Chocolate Ganache Hand Pies

Recipe courtesy Piper Davis, Grand Central Bakery

Sweet Cranberry Hand Pies with Candied Orange Peel

Recipe courtesy Piper Davis, Grand Central Bakery

Roast Beef and Mashed Potato Hand Pies from Scratch

Recipe courtesy Piper Davis, Grand Central Bakery