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Buy? Sell? Or hold on for dear life? We present true tales of Seattle real estate and expert advice to help you navigate the new rules of homeownership. Also: Seattle Sounders FC’s controversial marching band, hiking through a rainforest, how to eat nettles, and what the current economic climate’s doing to ordinary friendships.

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Quite The Pear

Just in time for spring, Chef Brian Scheehser creates an award-winning roasted pear relish and carrot soup combo that’s easy to recreate in your own kitchen.

0409 ednote demolition xpwon2

A Note from the Editor

Next Moves

Mail from the Metro

0409 back eweinstein vki4hm

Bailouts for Buddies

Brother, can you spare a mortgage payment?

0309 cor bags oupufe

Man Handled

Purses aren’t just for her anymore. Here’s where he can get his bag on.

0409 dig heirloom p4nlme

Tomatoes from Another Time

Heirloom veggies take gardeners back to their roots.

0409 dine opener1 invntq

Frank’s, My Dear

Sarah and Felix Penn pay homage to dear old granddad in Ravenna’s retro steakhouse.

0409 dish nettles h32pii

Sting Operation

When life gives you nettles, eat them.

0409 fea soundwavefield aq1pvz

Stomp and Circumstance

“Everything is better with brass.” That’s why comedian and Seattle Sounders FC co-owner Drew Carey insisted the pro soccer team needed a marching band. He marched right into a minefield.

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Let It Rain

A spring hike through the Olympic rain forest can be a muddy, waterlogged exercise in environmental immersion. And it’s wonderful.

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Woodway Hideaway

An award-winning remodel transforms a "dark, hunkering block" into a high-style sylvan sanctuary.

Does this Recession Make My Butt Look Big?

A look at how Seattle dresses in lean times.

0409 mud passing ubbfdq

Global Warning

Lisa Ling spreads the news of a troubled world.

0409 mud compost tqengu

Nanny-State Update

Seattle’s salad days of trashing table scraps are coming to an end.

0409 mud peanut butter2 wqpoam

Peanut Butter Provocateur

Peanut butter, meet food fighter: Seattle attorney Bill Marler goes against Big Peanut.

0409 ott greenroom dcohkp

The Big Boom Theory

A new book unearths the roots of Northwest rock.

0409 pour quinnscbeer epkt3c


For the Love of Froth

Stocking Seattle’s best beer bar is no easy task.

0409 pour tidbitlimencello ugioyd


Flights to Italy

At Tidbit Bistro, sample the best boozes from the Boot.

0409 pow hattrick bnyxmj

The House that Juice Built?

A-Rod comes clean—maybe. But Safeco Field’s steroid history goes much deeper.

Democracy 2.0

Social change pioneer Sarah Schacht helps citizens and government talk. No mass protest messages, please.

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Click photo for slideshow

Dress Code

Scenes from: Project Red Dress; Do Good, Feel Good; Artist Trust’s 2009 Benefit Art Auction; Pillow Fight Against Homelessness; Make the Evening Matter; Henry Ball.

0409 style wz5ebo

About Face

A conversation with makeup artist Suresh Seneviratne.

Q: I’ve outgrown my current home. Should I buy now or should I wait?

Q: Interest rates are really low. When does it make sense to refinance?

Q: With so many new condos sitting empty, why would I risk buying one now?

Q: I’ve never owned a home. Should I buy now?

Q: Why does the thought of becoming a homeowner make me feel crazy?

Q: What’s a lease-to-purchase option, and is it a smart move for me?

Q: What’s a short sell, and why would I want to get involved in one?

Q: Everyone says that now is an awful time to sell, but is it really that bad?

Q: I’m underwater on my loan, so should I walk away from my house?

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Lunch: Make it Fun Again

Why not spring out of your lunch rut with these downtown lunch-hour superstars?

0409 svc real estate khaahb

Buy? Sell? Or Hold on for Dear Life?

In this comprehensive real estate guide, we examine topics such as what to do when you’ve outgrown your home, when to take advantage of low interest rates