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We tested the terrain to line up a summer’s worth of great outdoor adventures, so you can trek, kayak, and scale the Northwest’s breathtaking mountains, waterways, and peninsulas. Also in this issue: News editor Eric Scigliano hits the streets to explore our city’s addiction—to artificial light. Meet the dating coaches, social organizers, groups, and event planners helping hitch singles in Seattle; and get to know eight celebrity singles who’ll put stars in your eyes at Seattle Metropolitan’s Celebrity Singles Auction and Party. And find inspiration—and tiles and tubs and countertops—in our luxury bath remodels.

A Note from the Editor


0508 95hoodsbynumbers shokfj

Mail from the Metro

Letters to Seattle Met

0806 029 mud sherlock byntd8

Sherlock of the Sea

0806 030 mud brain drain dyntk2

Brain Drain

Are Seattleites really getting dumber?

0806 032 mud polar bears cko8ru

Northern Exposures

A Seattle photographer turns moribund bears into high-demand stars.

0806 034 mud lager bx2gnq

Lager Lever Lover

Is Paul Fichter just pulling our keg?

0806 034 mud soccer gupuhy

Sounders 3, Originality 0

0806 036 mud virgin gxhtr6

Like a Virgin

Rock-obsessed airline touches Seattle for the very first time.

0806 038 mud donahue adxevu


Old Warrior, New Fight

Phil Donahue tells a soldier’s story in an Iraq war documentary.

0806 040 corner tune hfeokr

For the Record

Get a fresh spin on vinyl and go analog at these sound emporiums.

0806 044 style assaf

Style Counsel

If the Shoe Fits

A conversation with Assaf Ziv, executive creative director for Report Shoes.

0806 050 ask chelan w2oxja


Grounds Work

Beauty on the outside helps make the sale.

0806 052 rain layne o9lryq

One-Minute Mortgage

Out of the ashes of the subprime collapse, Layne Sapp tries 
to reinvent the loan-processing business.

0806 054 past model t izhlon

The Wheel Dealer

William O. McKay put Seattle on wheels, Seafair on the calendar, and romance under the hood.

0806 058 brawl cow o1xsze

Greener Oil (or) Bio Folly?

Washington politicians, energy mavens, and drivers are jumping on the biodiesel bandwagon. But skeptics warn that it steals desperately needed food crops and may actually raise greenhouse emissions.

0806 065 outside opener fdoixg

35 Northwest Playgrounds

Great outdoor summer adventures in the water, on the ground, and high in the sky.

0806 084 singles opener rj7fmp

Hit Singles

0806 104 night opener ongqrl

Give Back the Night

We live day and night bathed in artificial light. Now scientists say night light harms wild habitats and human health, and stargazers lament losing the timeless wonder of the night sky.

0806 110 splish tub wg3mal

Splish Splash

Just 50 years ago, bathrooms were small, dark, unappreciated utility rooms. No more. Today’s bathrooms are retreats designed to melt away the stress of hectic lives.

0806 129 dig humdingers gn91sx


A constant food and water source and a secluded place to rest are all a hummingbird needs to call your yard home. 

0806 131 dish pork belly svmdtf

Hog Heaven

The fattest pig in town is also the tastiest.


Life after Sideways

Merlot makes a comeback.


Suds of Summer

0806 135 dining capital qtwuzd

High Steaks

What’s a nice grille doing in a place like this?

0806 163 green task yzwrrj

Task Master

An artist turns ordinary chores into improvisational art.

Not Another Roadside Attraction

A mighty wind has blown new life into Long Beach.