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What you need to know and where you need to go in Olympic National Park. Plus: The Elwha’s Last Dam Summer: What began 25 years ago as a radical idea ends this month as a commonsense solution; Elizabeth Campbell ‘s fight to kill Seattle’s deep-bore tunnel; the stem cell crusade of Dr. Deisher; and Top Doctors 2011: 612 practitioners in 66 specialties.

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A Note from the Editor

Parks and Wreck

Seattle met july 2011 lknsc7

Letters to Seattle Met

Food that bridges barriers, a barrier that spans a bridge, champion cherries, and dreams of baseball championships.

Eight bit disaster preparedness yewyvu

Hackers Develop Disaster Response Video Games

To prepare for disaster, Willow Brugh, cofounder of Geeks Without Bounds, and Annie Dennisdóttir Wright, an editor at the gaming website Gameranx, suggest you play video games.

Christian sinderman city council seattle wgcmkc

Christian Sinderman Keeps Powerful Pols in Power

Four incumbents in this year’s city council election (Tim Burgess, Bruce Harrell, Tom Rasmussen, and Sally Clark) and one challenger (Maurice Classen) have jumped on the Christian Sinderman consulting train.

Lawn bowling jefferson park seattle w29qma

The Lawn Bowling Championships Come to Seattle

Beacon Hill’s Jefferson Park Lawn Bowling Club hosts the sport’s national championships for the first time in 13 years.

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The Perfect Party

This month’s party guests: Chone Figgins, Ken Muscatel, Lisa Daltirus, Robert Gates, Rose McGowan, and Reggie Watts.

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Dispatches from Seattlemet.com

The best of Seattlemet.com blogs: Nosh Pit, Culture Fiend, Sauced, and Wear What When.

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The Real Housewives of…Seattle?

Examining the odds that Bravo’s infamous Real Housewives series will wind up in our neck of the woods.

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Parallel Park 101

Brook Ashinay of Safety First Driving School has the skinny on how to parallel park.

William gibson zero history book ptxxga

Northwest Bookshelf: William Gibson

Vancouver, BC, inhabitant William Gibson follows up Spook Country with high-tech thriller Zero History.

Pioneer square revised cmyk fvyxuy

Pioneer Square on the Rise

The Pioneer Square neighborhood maintains much of its original Romanesque Revival and Victorian architecture, yet dozens of empty storefronts leave the regal buildings looking like toothless smiles. But you’d be hard-pressed to call Pioneer Square dead, S

Marijuana ballot purple haze organic afv522

Washington State’s Grass Tax

A by-the-numbers study of the legalization of marijuana in Washington State.

Marcellus turner seattle public library o3xhr2

A Talk with Marcellus Turner, City Librarian, the Seattle Public Library

Marcellus Turner, Seattle Public Library’s new head librarian, doesn’t go by the book.

Totes bags carryall seattle copy r7dqmb

Summer Totes

Seattle shops stock lightweight all-day city bags perfect for summer.

Elizabeth campbell construction activist fhwnzn

Elizabeth Campbell’s Fight to Kill Seattle’s Deep-Bore Tunnel

Lawsuit-filing, government-haranguing, Alaskan Way Viaduct–loving activist Elizabeth Campbell is on a quest to kill the deep-bore tunnel.

Olympic park ranger susannah lustig rpgsii

Insider’s Guide to Olympic National Park: Follow the Ranger

Olympic National Park ranger Susannah “Sanny” Lustig leads us on a bear hunt.

Surfer kite illustration islcbl

Insider’s Guide to Olympic National Park: Summer Things to Do

Summer things to do in Olympic National Park: stargaze at Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center, swim in the mineral pools of the Sol Duc Valley, rock climb Mount Cruiser, fly kites on the shores of Beach Three near Kalaloch, and surf First Beach near La Push.

Olympic national park river cpqxee

Insider’s Guide to Olympic National Park

What you need to know and where you need to go in Olympic National Park, Washington State’s most popular park, including best hiking trails, campground tips, hotels, and a map.

Olympic park trails hurricane hill nh5yld

Insider’s Guide to Olympic National Park: Park Trails You Don’t Know

The best hiking trails you don’t know in Olympic National Park.

Olympic park enchanted valley rdcpdn

Insider’s Guide to Olympic National Park: Places to Stay in the Park

The best places to stay in Olympic National Park.

Olympic park marmot l1kebr

Insider’s Guide to Olympic National Park: The Marmot Brigade

This summer, more than 100 volunteers will scour Olympic National Park for evidence of Marmota olympus, our own special marmot.

Maple flats peter malarkey a9htmn

Insider’s Guide to Olympic National Park: Art of the Park

Peter Malarkey, Steve Davis, Eirik Johnson, and N.P. Bank Note Company present the Olympic Peninsula through different lens.

Gear helmet cam zzfcox

Insider’s Guide to Olympic National Park: Essential Rain Gear

Essential rain gear for Olympic National Park.

Olympic park poet tim mcnulty ypgxon

Insider’s Guide to Olympic National Park: Poet of the Park

Tim McNulty serves as unofficial poet laureate of Olympic National Park.

Elwha dam graffiti xnault

The Elwha’s Last Dam Summer

It began 25 years ago as a radical idea: destroying two dams to save the Elwha River. It ends this month as a commonsense solution. Gentlemen, start your jackhammers.

Doctor tracy deisher cross cropped bowkm1

Dr. Deisher’s Stem Cell Crusade

When pro-life biotechnologist Tracy Deisher sued to halt federal funding of embryonic stem cell research, it rocked the biotech universe. What’s driving the Seattle researcher to kill the promise of medicine’s greatest hope — Catholicism

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Top Doctors 2011

Seattle offers some of the most outstanding medical care in the world. This year, thanks to a new partnership with Avvo, Seattle Met brings you more top doctors than ever before in 66 specialties.

Wine plate food cuoco seattle vbzavb

Cuoco, Seattle’s Newest Tom Douglas Joint

Tom Douglas’s new South Lake Union restaurant Cuoco serves fresh pasta and some old familiar feelings.

Brave horse tavern pretzels hvwllt

Tom Douglas’s New South Lake Union Empire

Tom Douglas, our biggest restaurateur, has colonized Seattle’s Amazon environs with a vengeance, but how’s a diner supposed to keep all those new restaurants (Brave Horse Tavern, Serious Pie, Dahlia Workshop, Ting Momo) straight? Lucky you have us.

Tiki drink mango d84kbp

Tiki Cocktails Return

The return of tiki cocktails lets us escape to a place where the shirts are silly and the drinks are seriously delicious. Find devoted disciples mixing those drinks at Tini Bigs, Naga Cocktail Bar, Moshi Moshi, and Rob Roy.

Seattle kindie band not its vcnlc0

Seattle’s Kindie Rockers Play G-Rated Tunes Even Parents Can Love

Beware of kindie rockers like Caspar Babypants, Recess Monkey, and Johnny Bregar. Their songs might get stuck in your brain.

Bully girls illustration rhha7a

The Bully Backlash

Just asking: When is bullying in the eye of the beholder?

Recess monkey band school bus thumb ps1amy

Web Exclusive: Kindie Music Videos

Kindie music videos from Caspar Babypants, the Board of Education, Johnny Bregar, the Harmonica Pocket, the Not-Its! and Recess Monkey.

Uber taxis smart phone app n6ruvf

Uber Taxi Texting Service

Summon luxury sedans from Uber with text messages, and drivers pinpoint your location via your phone’s GPS.

Verbatim thumb sdcfbd

FBI Thwarts Seattle Terror Plot

From the U.S. District Court complaint against Tukwila resident Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif, arrested with a conspirator on June 22, 2011, for allegedly plotting a terrorist attack on a Seattle military entrance processing station.

Halo four xbox lljvcg

Halo Crashes PAX

Couldn’t score tickets to the Penny Arcade Expo, the country’s biggest gaming shindig? Blame Halo.

Olympic park backcountry horsemen v75mts

Insider’s Guide to Olympic National Park: Saving the Park

Helping to preserve Olympic National Park: Washington National Park Fund, Backcountry Horsemen of Washington, Student Conservation Association, Friends of Olympic National Park, and Olympic Park Institute.

Elk illustration r2cwis

Insider’s Guide to Olympic National Park: Where the Wild Things Are

A field guide to the animals of Olympic National Park.

Olympic national park river hyefnr

Insider's Guide

Olympic National Park

What you need to know and where you need to go in Olympic National Park, Washington State's most popular park, including best hiking trails, campground tips, hotels, and a map.