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Like well-rounded college kids, we attacked the topic of Pacific Northwest colleges from all sides, combining statistics and reports from students and alums to rank the top 39 schools in Washington and Oregon—for prospective students, anxious parents of the same, or proud alums who want more than just a diploma from a prestigious institution. Next, writer Juliette Guilbert explores the long-awaited Northwest African American Museum, now open after decades of lobbying, politicking, fundraising, and civil disobedience aimed at bringing a black history museum to Seattle. Plus: the city’s finest breweries and brewpubs; fall fashion; kayaking Yakima Valley wine country; and a culinary fling with Spring Hill in West Seattle.

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1008 031 mud bike kids tdoydo

Good Wheel Ambassadors

The refugees, members of Burma’s long-suffering Karen minority, needed a way to get from their Tukwila apartments to work, school, and P-Patch.

1008 032 mud nanny maiydf

Who’s Your Nanny?

Bossiest bureaucracy on the block: not Seattle.

1008 034 mud rossi qyyj7w

Is Rossi Smarter than a Fifth Grader?

And does Gregoire talk like a man?

1008 036 mud zombie jljoxl

Dead Can Dance

Twenty-five years after the King of Pop released his masterpiece, a zombie mob is keeping the music video undead.

1008 038 mud oktoberfest wo3pkc

There Will Be Beer

Which Oktoberfest is your Oktoberfest?

1008 040 mud rossdale wjzlw1

Market Man

Rock Star Gavin Rossdale talks shop at Pike Place

1008 042 corner biblio pqsop4

Biblio File

Now that you’re older and wiser, hitting the books is actually fun.

1008 046 style john b0z0sj

Style Counsel

Exile on Main Street

A conversation with Jack Straw co-owner John Richards.

1008 052 ask ashland phtpkf


Don't Believe the Hype

Making sense of senseless housing-market rankings.

1008 054 rain martinez jzaaa9

Edgar’s Solution

Seattle’s most revered ex-Mariner markets bats and caps with other people’s names on them.

1008 056 past haunted ndljjz

Home, Sweet Haunt

The bloodcurdling past and spirited present of a grand old Georgetown Victorian.

1008 058 brawl fast lane penm5f

Fast-Lane Reform (or) Highway Hogwash?

Tim Eyman claims his latest ballot measure will open empty lanes, cure congestion, and fulfill a state audit’s recommendations. Critics contend it will have the opposite effect—and will set back transit, too.

1008 065 college opener lsozdr

Class Hysteria

College is a balancing act.

1008 092 college rankings jrpzft

Northwest College Rankings 2008

Included: Video coverage of how to find the college that best suits you, courtesy q13fox.com

1008 109 brew opener jbzvat

True Brew

When It Comes to Craft Beers, Seattle’s Frosty Mug Runneth Over

1008 116 naam opener nr7tnj

Divided It Stands

The opening of the Northwest African American Museum last March was a long time in coming. Can it rise above the conflicts that delayed its debut for 30 years?

1008 139 week river ksgosx

Water to Wine

Kayaking and vino sipping in Yakima Valley.

1008 143 dig soil bulb lr2ia5

Early Bloomers

Send bulbs below now for a sensational show come spring.

1008 147 dish porcini bstuyh

The Poor Man’s Steak

Hunting porcini in the Washington wild. 

1008 151 pour cider m8qlux


Under Pressure

Lattin’s cider house certainly rules, but can it survive 
modern times?


Alcohol Alchemy

1008 153 dining surf turf potiei

Because It’s Tasty

Spring Hill elevates food to an art—and a science.

1008 175 green royal pair dxsveh

A Royal Pair

Two old friends find success as the Dutchess and the Duke.