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East of the lake, fancy new developments and diverse populations are giving the suburbs a distinct air of urban sophistication. Should Seattle worry? Plus, a portrait of a developer with a civic soul, and discover new ways to eat, shop, and play on the Eastside. Don’t miss our Quotable Spring Arts Preview, which spotlights the season’s attractions, with a little input from the stars and the folks behind the scenes.

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Market Watch

Q & A: Bidder’s Market

A real estate auctioneer talks deals, due diligence, and accidental transactions.

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Safe Harbor

Far from home and family, a newcomer gives guided tours of the city over the phone.

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But Is It Art?

Minimalism goes to radical extremes at the Four Seasons.

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Love Bites

This Valentine’s Day, declare your love with cheese.

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Rosemary Crackers

Recipe courtesy Daniel Ahern

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This Cold House

Tents, schments. Real winter campers dig out a snow cave.

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Dream Scream

Robert Lepage unveils a dark empire at Seattle Opera.

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Home Theater

Pb Elemental built a house for two Queen Anne actors to play in. But will there be drama with the neighbors?

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We Heart Your Patronage—Now Die

Why the Attorney General’s office is playing cupid to scorned would-be online lovebirds, and three other recent heartbreak cases from the chronicles of consumer court.

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Ocean vigilante

The Anti-Ahab

Whale warrior Paul Watson turns eco-piracy into reality TV.

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Unnecessary Buffness

Why girls playing football in lingerie is good for Seattle sports.

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The Royal Tennenhaus

It’s not that we don’t believe Shmuel Tennenhaus doesn’t belong among YouTube’s constellation of instant stars, right up there with lonelygirl15 or Seattle’s own dancing Matt “Where the Hell Is Matt?” Harding.

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Pie vs. Pie

We came, we ’zaw, we recycled the box.

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The Port Man of Prosser

Wade Wolfe makes sweet wines worth waiting up for.


Truffle Brewing

Dilettante’s new Mocha Martini Bar breaks one very important rule.

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A deadly encounter at a shopping mall has police and public clamoring to stamp out gang violence.

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Show and Tell

Lehrman Cameron Studio mixes theater, design, and whatever works to turn exhibits into living stories.

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Jingle Bell Run and Walk

Dashing Through Downtown

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Celebrate Asia! Fundraiser

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

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Great Figgy Pudding Street Corner Caroling Competition

O Come All Ye (Figgy) Faithful

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Special Delivery

Flowers are only lovely while they last, so present them in a vase with enduring appeal.

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Dress for Finesse

A conversation with Dee Hewitt, assistant manager, Mario’s women’s department.

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You Know, For Kids

Decadence and magic at Grand Mound’s Great Wolf Lodge.

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Eastside, Big City

In this special section we examine the Eastside’s urban and economic challenges, and the opportunities they bring. We profile a developer who can teach Seattle how to create a vital, livable city. And we spotlight the attractions— from food an

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A Note from the Editor

Sight Seeing

Mail from the Metro

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Suburban Soul Man

Ron Sher thought he could build a community around an ugly, failing shopping mall. Is he nuts?

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The 2009 Quotable Spring Arts Guide

We spotlight this season’s bright stars. And they had something to say about it.

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Dark and Delicious

Artisan chocolatiers and local confectioneries have delicious sweet nothings in store for Valentine’s Day.

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Growing Pains

Heady growth, a soaring skyline, and sophisticated amenities reveal a vitality beyond the recent economic malaise. The new Eastside faces new challenges—and new opportunities. Included: Video coverage of the eastside growth, courtesy q13fox.com

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This Just In

The newest ways to eat, shop, and play on the growing, changing, morphing Eastside.