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Morning Fizz

City Council Approves More Important Appointment

Caffeinated news featuring pedestrian design, the right to know, and a GOP PR campaign.

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Afternoon Jolt

Council Selects 8 Finalists for Appointed Seat

Low-income housing advocate Sharon Lee is among finalists.

Cathy tuttle seattle dhtkff

Questions Answered

Cathy Tuttle Is the New Face of Bike Activism

Seattle Neighborhood Greenways is shifting the conversation about bikes from spandex to training wheels.

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Morning Fizz

The $15 Billion (Light Rail) Question

Caffeinated news featuring light rail, resumes, and housing

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Morning Fizz

Sawant Campaign Has Relied on Contractors, Skipping Employee Taxes

Caffeinated news featuring contractor money, affordable housing money, and rock and roll money

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Morning Fizz

Pro-Choice Groups Sting Insurance Providers Over ACA Rules

Caffeinated news featuring secret shoppers and traffic secrets

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Morning Fizz

A Few Candidates Stand Out in North Seattle Forum

Caffeinated news featuring last night's candidate forum in North Seattle

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Morning Fizz

What Is Sawant Spending Her Money On?

Caffeinated news featuring transportation spending and Sawant spending

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Afternoon Jolt

Afternoon Jolt: Keblas Drops Out of Race

Former city film and music director drops out of council race

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There Was One Big Thing Missing from Hillary Clinton's View of America: Cities

Why were city strivers MIA in Clinton's video?

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Morning Fizz

Is Districting Challenging the Incumbent Lock on Council? The Numbers Say Otherwise.

Caffeinated news featuring fundraising, organizing, and housing

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Morning Fizz

Harrell Says Sawant Challenger Needs to Be Elected, Sound Transit Committee Says 130th Station Needs to Be in Mix

Caffeinated news featuring taking sides and picking stations

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Afternoon Jolt

Inslee Says Carbon Cap Still in Play, Polling Says...

Inslee spokesman says cap and trade bill "still in play."

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Morning Fizz

GOP Budget Doesn't Only Ignore Supreme Court, It Cuts It

Caffeinated news featuring the state budget and city candidates

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Afternoon Jolt

GOP Budget Creates McCleary Collision Course

Senate Republicans ignore voter mandate, cut basic services, and stall state employee pay to fund education.

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Morning Fizz

Voters Don't Like Legislature's Decision to Ignore Class-Size Initiative

Caffeinated news featuring campaigning, budgeting, and polling

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Afternoon Jolt

Council Member Calls for Citywide Review of Parking Rules

Council member Rasmussen urges global review of parking rules.

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Morning Fizz

New Elway Poll Shows Voters Split on State Budget Proposals

Caffeinated news featuring budget debates, housing debates, and the Department of Planning and Development

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Morning Fizz

Roderick In, Kohl-Welles Considering, and Tarleton Endorses Crew of Challengers for City Council

Caffeinated news featuring open seats, endorsements, reassessments, and assessments

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Morning Fizz

Today's Only Kinda Likes: The Democrats' Gotcha and Expedia's Move

Democrats kinda embarrass GOP moderates, and Expedia makes a kinda urbanist move.

Displaying articles 41 - 60 of 3481 in total