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Critic's Notebook

What’s the Single Best Brunch Dish in Town?

And other burning questions answered in our February brunch issue

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Awaiting Tables

A Guide to Brunch Wait Times in Seattle

We braved the busiest weekend brunch spots during prime time.

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Critic's Notebook

Restaurants Pay to Get Reviewed, Right?

And other myths about how we roll here in the restaurant critic department.

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Critic's Notebook

What Does Vespolina Have that Aragona Didn’t?

And why high-end restaurants changing up names and formats has become the hottest move in town.

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Back Fence

Processing White Privilege in Seattle

Turns out I have the tools I need to process my white privilege. I just didn’t expect them to look like this.

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Vespolina and Hommage: Restaurant Do-Overs

What happens when big-ticket restaurants assume new identities?

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Critic's Notebook

So You Don’t Want to Go to a Restaurant on Valentine’s Day

…But you sure don’t want to cook?

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Critic's Notebook

We Left Out 2 Great Seattle Italian Restaurants!

And boy, did we hear about it.

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Critic's Notebook

The Psychology of the Empty Restaurant

Or: There’s gotta be a reason I’m not craving another visit to Crazy Pho Cajun.

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Critic's Notebook

Which Restaurant for Which Seahawk?

Where we send the Seahawks when they call us for restaurant recommendations. Because this happens all the time.

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Critic's Notebook

37 Great Seattle Italian Restaurants

Because honestly…who doesn’t want this list?

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Critic's Notebook

Why Kingfish Café Matters

And when it closes, what closes with it.

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Critic's Notebook

Who Makes the Best Chicken Dinner in Seattle?

Just ask the folks in Rainier Valley. Or read this.

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Critic's Notebook

19 More Confusing Seattle Restaurants

Because “confusing” comes in lots of forms.

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Critic's Notebook

Glutenless in Seattle

Restaurants across this city are offering more gluten-free options than ever. Some are even edible.

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Back Fence

Can a Video Game be Real Therapy?

SinaSprite makes its case.

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Gluten-Free Done Right

It’s easier than ever to eat gluten free in Seattle. Eating well is another matter entirely.

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Big Chickie vs. Nate's Wings and Waffles

Clucks and carbs at a couple of new South End chicken joints.

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Critic's Notebook

Ten Best Bites of 2014

Seattle tasted pretty good this year. Here are the forkfuls that tasted best.

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Critic's Notebook

Biggest Restaurant Disappointments of the Year

The memorable little bummers of 2014

Displaying articles 41 - 60 of 877 in total