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Giant Leaps for Mankind

An App Called Drizly Delivers Alcohol to Your Door

It's easier than ever to get sloshed in the comfort of your own home.

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Booze News

Washington State Bartenders Guild Considers Joining National Network

The USBG wants Washington in the club.

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Liquor Laws

I-1183 Narrowly Ahead in Washington Poll

Half of the respondents are likely to support the liquor privatization measure.

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Drinking Culture

Brad Thomas Parsons on His Book Bitters: A Spirited History of a Classic Cure-All

The former Seattleite’s book drops November 1.

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Liquor Board Greenlights Drinking on Stage

Come November 26, entertainers can get juiced while performing.

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In Poor Spirit

Seattle Bartenders Boycott Pusser’s Rum Following Painkiller Legal Action

The legal pursuit is "like Ragu trying to copyright ‘Bolognese,’" says one Seattle bartender.

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Travel and Leisure Gets Into the Best American Cocktail Bars Game

Guess which Seattle bar made the list?

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Drinking Culture

Now We Can Drink Wine and Beer at the Northwest Film Forum!

Score one for the public sphere.

Gastown hromvw

Booze News

Morning Booze News: Allagash at Brouwer’s; Barrel-Aged Cocktails at Liberty

Belgian beers and aged mixed drinks are what’s up this am.

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Sauced Exclusive

First Look: New Sun Liquor Bar and Distillery

The second iteration of the Capitol Hill cocktail bar opens in early March. Get a sneak peek now.

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Best Bars 2011: 10 Top Seattle Bars Right Now

The 10 Seattle bars—superbly staffed, welcoming to all—that we think you need to visit right now.

How to become a bartender image1 uljewa

A Few Thoughts On "Against Mixology"

Sarah Deming skewers the craft cocktail world, employing valid points as well as troubling ones.

Scotch whisky in a can 260 o7yzcl

OMG, It’s Whiskey in a Can

There are eight shots up in there, so plan to share.

Ballard farmers  market   vegetables dct8ib

Get Ready To Get Boozy At The Farmers Market

A bill before the state legislature would let shoppers sample beer and wine.

Notwantdecaf tjqkkx

Four Loko Goes Decaf

Drama juice! The saga continues as Four Loko’s parent company changes the recipe.

Four loko ilc81x

Loco Over Loko

No More Four Loko For You

Washington State bans alcoholic energy drinks.

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Liquor Privatization Too Close To Call

But one initiative is out of the race and the other is trailing.

Four loko wrahij

Higher Learning

Alcoholic Energy Drinks Are Banned at Central Washington U

College kids continue drinking lots of bad booze.

Sake set red srnldq

Introducing: Sake in Seattle

A new business aims to break the ice with rice wine.

Three martini lunch tk2lly

"Muddle Your Breath"

BusinessWeek publishes advice on how to get away with getting drunk on the job.

Displaying articles 1 - 20 of 33 in total