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Morning Fizz

Budget Clash in Olympia

Caffeinated news featuring budgets, candidates, and wages

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Morning Fizz

Council Looks at Putting Homeless in Residential Neighborhoods, Now How About Homes?

Caffeinated news featuring a council challenge to the the sacrosanct single-family zone. Kinda.

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Morning FIzz

Council Will Pass Resolution to Oppose Obama's Trans-Pacific Partnership Fast Track

Caffeinated news featuring the national debate

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Morning Fizz

Campaign Kickoffs and Affordable Housing

Friday Likes and Dislikes

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Morning Fizz

Mayor Murray Sets Affordable Housing Goal of 20,000 Units in Next 10 Years

Caffeinated news featuring housing, driving, and running

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Morning Fizz

Agree or Disagree with O'Brien's Stance on Global Trade, the Council Is Relevant Again

Caffeinated news featuring Seattle and the Trans-Pacific Partnership

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Morning Fizz

Voting Rights Act Gets Good Reception in GOP Senate

Caffeinated news featuring voting rights, neighborhood rights, and pedestrian rights

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Morning Fizz

Democrats Call for "Fair and Balanced" Hearings, Another Murray Staffer Leaves

Caffeinated news featuring grumpy Democrats in Olympia, musical chairs in Seattle

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Friday Likes and Dislikes: Passive-Aggressive About Affordable Housing in Roosevelt

Caffeinated news featuring a dumb joke, a cool contest, and a poetic delay

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Morning Fizz

Murray Proposes Southeast Seattle Light Rail Station and North Seattle Ped Bridge as Part of $900 Million Levy

Caffeinated news featuring $900 million transportation levy, a candidate forum, and a board vote

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Morning Fizz

Judge Rejects $15 Injunction for Franchisees

Caffeinated news featuring the $15 minimum wage, payday loans, and rain

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Morning Fizz

Housing, Bonding, Biking, Marrying, and Vaping

Caffeinated news featuring a call for $500 million in affordable housing bonds

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Morning Fizz

Advocates Push City to Fund Affordable Housing

Caffeinated news featuring disagreements, agreements, and another big endorsement for Sawant

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Morning Fizz

Profligate GOP Budgeting Makes Democrats Look Like Penny-Pinchers, City to Announce Park (Not Affordable Housing) in Roosevelt

Caffeinated news featuring GOP spending bills and city housing policy

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Morning Fizz

An Indie Rocker for City Council?

Caffeinated news featuring local rocker considering council run, Sawant may try to delay encampment vote, and a supposedly pro-choice Republican

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Morning Fizz

Council Candidates File Latest Fundraising Reports

Caffeinated news featuring the latest fundraising numbers in this year's council elections

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Morning Fizz

Republicans vs. Science, Grant vs. Burgess

Caffeinated news featuring the great climate change debate and the inconsistent politics of Seattle

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Morning FIzz

Democratic Amendment Forces Issue on Climate Change

Caffeinated news featuring amendments, endorsements, and conversation starters

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Morning Fizz

Friday Likes and Dislikes: Oil Trains, Megaphones, and Street Uses

Caffeinated news featuring the state house, the city council, and the Department of Planning and Development

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Morning Fizz

Unlikely Allies: Sawant and Developers?

Caffeinated news featuring a letter to the housing affordability task force

Displaying articles 41 - 60 of 1344 in total